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Here are the most requested templates on Tango Print. If you don't see your product template here, request to have it emailed to you by contacting us here. All artwork is checked by a graphic designer before going to print. You will be advised if any changes are necessary.

All artwork must be 300 DPI, CMYK with an 1/8th inch bleed. Do not include the template in your submitted artwork. For direct mail artwork templates, scroll to the bottom of the page.


8.5 x11
8.5x11 Trifold Brochure | Pricing
8.5x11 Z Fold Brochure | Pricing
8.5x11 Half Fold Brochure | Pricing

11x17 Trifold Brochure | Pricing
11x17 Z Fold Brochure | Pricing
11x17 Half Fold | Pricing

Postcards and Flyers

8.5x5.5 Half Page Postcard | Pricing
4x6 Regular Postcard | Pricing
4.25x5.5 Quarter Page Postcard | Pricing
2.125x5.5 Custom Flyer/ Ticket | Pricing
3.625x8.5 Third Page Postcard | Pricing

Business Cards

3.5x2 Standard Business Card | Pricing
3.5x4 Tent/Folded Business Cards | Pricing

Envelopes / Letterheads

#10 Envelope | Pricing
Letterhead | Pricing

Door Hangers

5.5x8.5 Door Hanger | Pricing
4.25x11 Door Hanger | Pricing
3.625x8.5 Door Hanger | Pricing

Presentation Folders

5.25x10 Pocket Folder | Pricing
6x9 Pocket Folder | Pricing
9x12 Presentation Folder TYPE A | Pricing
9x12 Presentation Folder TYPE B

Standup Banner

26" x 64" Standup Banner | Pricing

Rack Cards

4x9 Rack Cards | Pricing

Color Copies

8.5x11 | Pricing
8.5x5.5 | Pricing
8.5x2.75 | Pricing


11x17 Posters | Pricing
23x33 Posters | Pricing

Table Tents

4 x 6.25 Table Tent

Greeting Cards

Large 5x7 Cards Horiz.
Large 5x7 Cards Vert.

USPS Compatible Direct Mail Templates (Address/Stamp Side)

4x6 Postcard For Mailing
6x9 Postcard For Mailing
8.5x5.5 Half Page Postcard For Mailing
5x7 Postcard For Mailing
8.5x11 Trifold Brochure For Mailing