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Terms of Service

This Web site (the "Site") is owned and operated by Tango Print. These terms of service (the "Terms of Service" or "TOS") apply to and govern your use of this Site and the Services (as defined below). Your use of the Site and/or any Service signifies your agreement to be bound by these Terms of Service which is hereby incorporated by reference.

For purposes of the TOS, the following defined terms shall have these meanings: (A) "Service(s)" shall mean any and all services on, or provided by, the Site, whether or not such services are also provided or delivered by other means or media such as software or wireless devices; (B) "Site" shall mean this site; (C) "Site Content" shall mean any and all human readable patent audio and/or visual elements of this Site, created or owned by Tango Print, or third parties, including, without limitation, any text, graphics, images, illustrations, photographs, animations, video, audio or audiovisual works (including, for example, without limitation, movie trailers or episodic works), designs, logos, information, and other content made available through the Site; (D) "Site Code" means any and all underlying elements of the Site, including without limitation, source code, script, object code, software, computer programs, and other sets of statements and instructions contained in the underlying Site; (E) "User Account" means any account created by you, through a registration process for the purpose of accessing or using certain Services.

Tango Print grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right and license to access, use and privately display the Site and the Site Content as described herein for your personal use only, by way of one (1) computer connected to the Site over the Internet, provided that you comply fully with these TOS. You may "cache" pages of the Site for the sole purpose of increasing the speed and efficiency at which you access the Site. Any other copy or use of a portion of the Site is not authorized, will be a violation of these TOS and will constitute a copyright violation. You shall not interfere, or attempt to interfere, with the operation of the Site in any way through any means or device, including, but not limited to, spamming, hacking, uploading computer viruses or time bombs, or any other means expressly prohibited by any provision of these TOS or by law.

Regarding the friend referral offer:
When valid, you'll receive a $5 gift certificate valid towards your next purchase within ten days of a qualifying purchase by a referred friend.

Regarding Cancellations:
If a print order is canceled before any graphics/print processing is done, we charge 15% of the order amount. If graphics processing took place, then a refund is at the discretion of Tango Print. Once a job enters the print queue, no cancellation or refunds are possible. Typically, your order goes into production within an hour from receiving the order. Graphic design services may only be canceled within four hours from placing the order and incur a cancellation charge of 50% of order amount.

Copy & Design Errors:
Artwork is considered final and approved once uploaded to our server. Tango Print does not take responsibility for any copy or design errors committed on your part. We are also not responsible for any wrong dates or misspelled words in files submitted by customer or jobs approved by customer upon design completion. Under no circumstances will a refund or reprint be honored for an error in the file submitted or the design that was approved, and that includes but is not limited to incorrect color settings, design size, low resolution and missing bleeds or artwork that is too close to the edge. In the case that artwork of the incorrect size or bleed is submitted for print and no proof is requested, it will be resized to the correct size and sent to print. Proofs are free. Please request a proof if you have any doubt about your artwork.

Tango Print may use your product for samples or advertising purposes. You may request to opt out.

Graphic Design Service:
All text and images that will be included on the final artwork must be provided at the time the order is placed and before any graphic design is initiated. Design reviews are limited by the allotted time per design service.

All orders are subject to approval by Tango Print, which reserves the right to reject any order at any time without recourse, as well as the right to change the price of the order after reviewing the artwork, subject to approval by the customer before further processing.

Mailing Lists:
Unless permitted by Tango Print at the time of sale, none of the mailing list data provided may be used for telemarketing purposes. List data may not be duplicated or shared and Tango Print reserves the right to charge for the use of multiple copies.

Tango Print can provide PDF proofs free of charge or hard copy laser proofs for a fee. The hard copy proofs are recommended as an approximation and are not meant for color matching as there is no guarantee laser proof colors will match press sheet color.


Due to the nature of the product, no returns can be made. Any claims for defects, damages, or shortages must be made in writing within two (2) business days after receipt of the merchandise. Failure to do so constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the order. Replacement of the product will be made upon receipt of returned merchandise and only when Tango Print determines that the defect was not caused by misuse or mishandling of the product. If customer plans to return the defective merchandise, it should not be used in any way, even for a short period of time. The warranty herein is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Credit Card:

If the customer's credit card company declines the authorization, Tango Print shall not process the order.

Pricing Currency:

All pricing is in U.S dollars.


Tango Print makes no warranty expressed or implied nor accepts any responsibility other than possible replacement of these products. Tango Print may, but is not required to, replace any defective product, or give the customer credit for the amount of the purchase price for such product through a Tango Print Gift Certificate. This warranty is limited solely to the replacement of the product as originally shipped or a credit for the cost of the product shipped.


Because of limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed and by placing and order with Tango Print you agree to this limitation. For this reason we cannot accept responsibility for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece. We do however strive to get the closest color match to your digital (CMYK) file.

Turnaround Time:
All of our turnaround times are estimates only and NOT guarantees. Turnaround estimates are based on productions business days from Monday to Friday. Please keep in mind that there are several different things that can go wrong with the printing process that are out of our control. The turnaround times that we give are based on actual statistics of jobs we have done in the past and are NOT guaranteed. Under no circumstances will a refund be honored for a delay in our estimated turnaround time.


Risk of loss is upon the customer once Tango Print delivers the product to the carrier. Delivery times are estimates only, and Tango Print shall not be responsible for delays. We will make all efforts to ship the products in the time specified on shipping schedule.

Tag Policy:
Unless other wise expressly noted, all printed products carry the tag line "Printed by Tango Print . com".

Limitation of Liability:
Tango Print shall not be liable in contract or in tort (including negligence) to the customer for incidental or consequential damages, arising out of or resulting from our performance or nonperformance of our obligations under this contract, including but not limited to claims for lost profits or other economic damages.


a) In the event that any section or portion of a section of these Terms of Service are deemed unlawful or unenforceable, that section or portion of a section shall be stricken from the Terms of Service, and the remaining terms shall continue in full force and effect.

b) Tango Print shall not be responsible for damages or delays resulting from Machinery Breakdown, Acts of God, and from other actions, both governmental and otherwise, including but not limited to war, riot, seizure, and embargo. Tango Print shall not be responsible for any delays caused by UPS or any other carrier used for shipping.

c) These Terms of Service may be modified from time to time by Tango Print without notice, and are current as of the date of the then current catalog or web site.

d) The customer's order shall be deemed an acceptance of the Seller's terms and guidelines outlined through the website and any proposal for additional or different terms or any attempt by customer to vary in any degree any of the terms of this quotation, is hereby objected to and rejected, but such proposal shall not operate as a rejection of the customer's order, unless such variances are in the terms of the description, quantity, price, or delivery schedule of the goods or material, but shall be deemed a material alteration thereof, and any order the customer places with Tango Print shall be deemed acceptance of these Terms of Service by the customer without said additional or different terms.