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Uploading Files

You may upload your files during order checkout or at a later time when the files are ready, by using the artwork upload tool of the member panel. Our upload system can handle multiple simultaneous uploads up to 100MB. If your files are larger than that, contact support for additional information.

Uploading files after placing an order: To upload your files, log in to your account, then click on "Upload Files" on the "My Account" page. You must reference your order number on the upload page.

During the checkout process: File Uploading is the last step of the checkout process. You'll have the chance to upload your project files once you've completed placing the order.

Files Types We Accept Are:
TIFF: Tag Image File Format; preferred bitmap graphics format for high-resolution postscript printing
JPEG: Standard format for photographic image compression developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group
EPS: Encapsulated postscript image file created using Adobe Illustrator; designed for high resolution printing of illustrations; standard file format for importing and exporting PostScript files
PDF: Portable Document File from Adobe Acrobat
AI: Adobe Illustrator drawing or vector graphics file
PSD: Adobe Photoshop Document

We also accept ZIP File including the file types listed above, and Word .DOC Document for supplying text.
If your file is not listed above or if it's larger than 100MB (which is unlikely), contact us for additional information.


PS: To insure the best print quality and customer satisfaction, all submitted artwork is verified for correct color settings, resolution and size prior to going to print. You will be advised if any changes are necessary.


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