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Paper Type: 100# Gloss Book
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Everyone is on the move these days! That's why poster advertising is essential if you want to reach the general public with your message.

What are posters used for?

Posters are the best way to publicize an event that you may be having. They are also the best choice if you want to promote your service or sell your products. Have a Project that you'd like to generate?

Posters are the quickest, most effective way to do this! With bright colors and/or bold graphics posters are eye-catching and demand attention!

Creative designs and strong messages can capture the attention of everyone that comes in view of a poster, prompting a reaction!

This versatile advertising tool comes in sizes ranging from 11"x17" to 24"x36".

Posters are printed on #100 gloss text.

Tips for creating custom printed posters

Graphics and text are equally important when it comes to designing a poster. This is known as symmetry as you create a balance between the two and its purpose is to cause the viewer to scan the poster from one point to another which causes movement. Motivational posters are designed to create balance and movement, which will result in subconscious reactions in the viewer. Ultimately these reactions will be exactly what you're looking for from the time of the actual conception of the idea for your poster!

* Use contrasting colors for your text and background so that it can be easily read!

* Choose your fonts according to the impact that you want to create. For instance, use the largest and boldest font (or one of a contrasting color) to get your main point across. Your font and color choices can help you to develop a hierarchy of emphasis according to the messages that you want to deliver.

* Select a background for your poster that is a neutral color and uniform design so that it won't detract from the message you want to convey.