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Your company deserves to have the best marketing tools representing it!

Your brochures have to reflect the standard that you offer to your own customers. If they see you cutting corners when it comes to your marketing materials, they'll be concerned that you'll cut corners in other places as well. Boost your customers' confidence in you by having custom-made brochures show off who you really are!

Many customers are attracted to brochures that are well designed making them an effective tool for gaining clients. Here are several features of business brochure designs:

  • The most common forms of brochure design are the bi-fold and tri-panel brochure. Tri-panel is the most commonly used business brochure. It is constructed by folding a sheet of paper twice to create three panels on each side. Since tri-panel brochures are made on standard size paper they are used as a promotional tool by most businesses.
  • The front panel of the tri-panel brochure is the space on which most of the creative designing is done. It is important that the front panel is designed using the newest designing resources available to ensure that it attracts clients. The design for the front panel usually has the company logo, name and some illustrations to make the panel appealing to the eye. The content on the front panel is brief, comprised of an introduction to the company or its services.
  • The back page contains the business contact information. As a formal business item, the back side of a business brochure is designed simply and makes use of light colors and patterns. It is never heavily decorated and is incorporated to give the back of the brochure an appealing look.
  • The most important panel is the inside front panel. Most use this side of the brochure for images, graphics, illustrations and some text. Testimonials are often found on the inside front panel. The inside front panel also is a great place for the company web site address.
  • When you open the business brochure you come to the inside spread. These pages are designed in the simplest and are used for business related text.

Brochure Design Tips

Since the brochure represents the company, it should be done in an attractive, professional manner. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while designing a brochure.


It is important to begin the brochure design with a clear purpose in mind. The best way to do this is by recording all ideas on paper. Some points include a brief history of the company, the products or services, client testimonies and contact information.


The layout is an important to the brochure and will leave a lasting impression on the reader. The layout includes the cover design, locations of pictures and text format. The layout of a brochure has three requirements: the name of the company, the logo and product or service, company.

Writing Style

Most readers do little more than browse the text of a brochure. Keep sentences short to increase clarity and avoid confusion. Include key words like: new, results, guarantee, free, proven, sale, etc.


The best way to draw the reader’s eye is through the use of a heading. This can be done by making the print bolder, using different colors and a larger font.

Grammar and Spellings

The content should be error free. This is a point of weakness for novice brochure designers. It is necessary that the content be double checked for errors related to grammar and spelling.

Color Combination

The colors should compliment one another. Be wary of poor color combinations and using colors that do not fare well in advertisement. The foreground and the background should compliment each other.